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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  July 1, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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problems with the 911 call center. they should report emergencies at the nearest police or fire station. >> maryland and virginia and west virginia have declared states of emergency. >> we'll have more on in a moment, but first, a look at how hot it's going to get today. for that we are joined by storm 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> good morning to both of you. another day where temperatures should get close to 100 degrees by later on this afternoon. dangerous levels of heat. for so many without power and without air conditioning, the stress of the day after day grind from these kind of temperatures is really going to be taking a toll. so be extra careful today. if you have to be doing any strenuous work outside, stay super hydrated. find any little shade breaks you can. if you have electricity, be nice to your friends and family without it and bring them some cold water. not much going on on radar just
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yet. those are false returns in the immediate metropolitan area. there are thunderstorms down to the south of richmond and around the tide water region, and there's a cluster in the far western part of west virginia. that's going down to the south and west today so most of us will be rain free. but our rain chances are not zero for today. there's a chance west and southwest of town today. any storms that bubble up it will be a 99 degrees today. any storm can have a chance of being strong today. i'll be tweeting out weather updates as needed today. >> i appreciate that. in the middle of a heat wave, more than 700,000 people do not have power. pepco reports more than 347,000 people are without power. dominion with more than 286,000. smeco more than 17,000. bge reports more than 117,000 and novec reports more than
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8,000. power companies said it could take up to a week in some cases to restore power to all their customers. to go along with the thousands without power, drivers having problems on the roads. many traffic signals are still out. news4's meghan mcgrath has a look at how the traffic is moving along there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's sunday so things are a little quiet but it begs the question what's the situation going to be monday morning during rush hour? when you've got signals on major road like wisconsin avenue completely dark. there are several traffic lights along a long stretch of wisconsin avenue not working. they don't have power. as you can see people are treating it as a four-way stop. they are being kind to one another right now. of course, monday morning, rush hour, this road can be down right ugly when the signals are working so we're hoping that they're going to restore the power here, but as of yet we
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don't have any kind of estimate. now, we are seeing power outages scattered throughout the area. a lot of the problem comes from fallen trees. take a look at this video. we shot this earlier on foxhall road in northwest washington. a large tree came down in the storm. it was hanging across all of the lanes of foxhall. it took down a power line and that line is still on the ground. a dangerous situation, not only do we have the power outages, but in a lot of cases those lines are laying on the ground. someone was killed actually over the weekend because they came in contact with a live wire. certainly you want to steer clear if you do see some power lines down in the area. i spoke a little while ago to a woman who lives in au park. they're having major problems. they still don't have electricity. so she decided to go to a hotel. >> and i'm very, very hot. we have a new baby with us so we had to check into a hotel. we couldn't stay with him in the
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house. it's like 90 degrees inside our house so we just checked into a hotel. >> any idea how long you'll have to stay? >> i heard a week. they haven't even assigned crews and there's trees down all over our neighborhood. so it doesn't look good. >> reporter: and just driving around today, we have seen a number of trees down. of course the crews are out there, they have been working around the clock. they're trying to restore power as quickly as possible. we have heard from pepco, it could take a week for some of the customers. so not a great situation. we are hoping at least the traffic signals on the major roads like wisconsin avenue will be restored before rush hour, but there are no promises. not as of yet. we have to wait and see. reporting live in friendship heights, meghan mcgrath, news4. back to you all. well, the lights are still out for thousands in prince georges and firefighters were called to a senior living apartment yesterday after residents got sick from the heat. meanwhile, pepco is working to restore electricity to more than
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100,000 in prince georges county and residents could be waiting for up to a week for power to come on. >> they told me seven days. who can wait seven days with 100 degrees? >> high winds also ripped off roofs of apartment buildings in hyattsville and riverdale. at least one man had to be rescued from a burning apartment in landover hills. at this bp gas station, wind blew the canopy over and broke a pump. a woman pumping gas at the time was not hurt. the manager say someone managed to break into the business after it was shut down. but nothing was taken. pepco is working to restore power to 300,000 homes and businesses. the president of pepco is joining us now. we know you're coming off the road and thank you for being with us. >> sure, my pleasure. >> we're hearing a week and that's way too long. is that what it's looking like at this point? >> at this time, that's correct.
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we have 443,000 customers out of service. we had several substations, supply lines in the substations that were damaged. at this point, we have been able to restore all those supplies. our field force has really been focused on infrastructure right now and going through the damage assessment. now that that piece is done, you'll see more of them out in the community and working full force on restoration. >> is there a plan of attack? could you say who's going to get power today, who's going to get power tomorrow? what are the priorities? as you know, people are trying to make plans here. what should they do? >> the outages are all over the service territory. 347,000 customers, there is a lot of work to do. our priorities have been to restore the hospitals. restore some of the pumping stations. there's still a bit of work to go with wssc. we're aware of the nursing homes that are out of service and
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other critical customers. . we are trying to restore it to the largest number of customers first. but before we did anything we had to restore the infrastructure. now that that's done and we have some mutual assistance crews on the way from as far away as oklahoma and we are looking for resources in new england and canada to come in here this week and help us. >> dominion power said that this is the worst storm they have seen -- that's not a hurricane. are you guys finding the same thing, that this damage is some of the most significant you have had to endure? >> you know, in 26 years i have seen a lot of storms. isabelle was the one i experienced at about 535,000 customers. this was at 443. there was a lot of damage. it takes time. there are a lot of trees down a lot of wires down. we just ask our customers to be patient. we know it's an uncomfortable period of time. but i can assure you every resource we can acquire we are working to bring here to restore service as quickly and safely as possible. >> it is extremely hot. any issues for them?
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you know, it's hard to think of their perspective on things, but, you know, it's a weekend. these temperatures are extremely hot. what are they going through right now? how are they holding up? >> well, it's tough. they're working 16 hour shifts and working around the clock. when you do that day after day it gets to be difficult. that's why it takes a couple of days. one, they're coming from so far away, but if you can imagine you'll be away for a week or two, there's some certain things you have to take care of personally in order to get ready for a trip like that. >> all right. thomas graham with pepco, we appreciate you being with us, getting off the road and joining us here really quickly. we'll let you get back to work. >> thank you very much. >> here's erica. in northern virginia, an assisted living facility is without power leaving residents as their neighbors get their power switched on. that's a familiar situation for many in the area.
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we have more from melissa. >> reporter: good morning. you're out of power, you're frustrated and hot, inconvenien inconvenienced, it's one thing. but when you're at a home for the disabled, it's difficult. it's actually cooler out than it is inside. they say inside the building now the temperature is over 80 degrees. this an independent living facility for the disabled. like many people, the dozen residents have been out of power since friday's storm. some of them are on dialysis. others have severe asthma. this is a hud facility. most of the residents get their food from the food banks. now their food is spoiled, they can't cook. they haven't had much to eat since friday. now the wesley foundation is a group that runs the home. they're based in northern virginia. typically a social worker is here monday through friday. we have left messages with them, with the exception of a maintenance worker stopping by yesterday, they have not seen or heard from anybody. they feel like nobody cares. take a listen. >> i have called every emergency facility.
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i have called the emergency facility for this particular complex. no one's responded. >> it's ridiculous. it's absolutely ridiculous. you know, from the medical perspective i think this is -- it's handled unprofessionally, period. >> reporter: now, we got some information from dominion power. they were not aware of this situation and that they're sending out the tree crew because a tree is down here and then a line crew. they said they'll have the power back on by the end of the day. back to you. >> thanks so much. fresh that. this morning some fairfax county residents are under a boil water advisory. falls church, tyson's corner and vienna, dunn loring, they should boil their water. the customers who don't boil the water can suffer stomach or intestinal problems.
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in maryland montgomery and prince georges county have emergency water restrictions. people should take shorter showers, limit toilet flushing and hold off on using dishwas r dishwashers and washing machines. the water is safe to drink, but power problems have slowed down the distribution systems. the time is now 9:11. coming up, what needs to be trashed after a long power outage. plus why people are standing in line for hours just to get some gas. some ga[ male announcer ] are you paying more and more and more for cable -- and enjoying it less?
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this is probably one of the most amazing pieces of video we have seen as a result of this storm. a massive transformer fire. this in prince georges county. crews battled the flames near aerospace drive and green belt
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road not far from goddard space flight center. no one was hurt, but officials are investigating if a lightning strike could have caused the fire. before you open the refrigerator here a few tips of what is safe to eat. if you lost power, if you kept the doors closed the full freezer will stay at freezing temperatures about two days. a half full freezer about a day. refrigerated foods should be okay if it was only out for a few hours. soft cheeses and dairy and cooked foods, these foods should be discarded if they warm up above 40 degrees. >> let me mention that harris teeter is giving away free ice today. >> might help some folks. amtrak says it will operate on a modified schedule today because of damage and debris. passengers should expect delays especially between baltimore and washington. mean time, more than 230 amtrak
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passengers stranded in west virginia because of the storms are on their way home. a tree fell on the tracks near the rural town of prince. buses picked them up last night. well, drivers have not only had to deal with fallen trees and damage to their homes, but some had to sit in long lines to gas up their car. at one station at rockville pike, drivers sat for three hours. what gives, just waiting for a gas tanker. and then the tanker finally showed up. however, customers seemed to be in good spirits despite the frustrating wait. >> it was good. everybody had good spirits here, good energy. ironically i met somebody i never would have met and we know the same people. so it was great. >> officials aren't sure what caused this shortage and simultaneous demand. as stations didn't face shortages during other similar heavy storms. one bit of good news about
9:17 am
the gas, the prices continue to fall. that's a pretty picture that's out of spotsylvania county. $2.95. starting today it's gonna cost you more to ride the metro. rail fares are going up 5%. bus fares are going up 10 cents. parking rates are going up a quarter. using a paper card will cost riders an extra dollar for each trip. the good news is that the peak of the peak surcharge will be eliminated. the extra money will help balance the operating budget. metro riders can expect some delays on the blue, orange and red lines today. on the orange line buses will be replacing trains for maintenance. as a result, some stations are closed. there's also single tracking on the red line. the work should be finished by tomorrow morning's rush.
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and still ahead on news4 today we'll have the latest from the at&t national golf tournament in bethesda. after spectators and volunteers were kept away because of storm damage. plus, when or if this heat wave will ever break.
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most of our area avoided more severe weather last night, however to the south a tornado warning was issued in the richmond area after someone spotted a funnel cloud seven miles outside the city. thousands of customers there are still without power from friday's storm. a good thing we didn't get more of the heavy wind because all that debris is still out there. >> absolutely right. a lot of the trees that didn't fall all the way over have been weak weakened and then the next gust
9:22 am
of wind, they're the next ones to go. they have a good chance to get out ahead of the damage. still hundreds of thousands without power right now and because of the sheer volume of the number of trees brought down, it will take a long time for all the power crews to get through all of the debris out there. be extra, extra careful. we have been telling you the best thing you can do to be safe, don't go anywhere near a downed wire. a lot of times those wires are still energized. we have had one fatality in this event because of just that. outside, that sky has gone back over to that ugly hazy gray color. yesterday, we had a bright blue sky out. but today the haze layer is back. 86 now at national airport. that's at 9:00 in the morning. dew point in the low 70s. humidity now 63%. wind out of the south at only five miles per hour. today, the winds will not be quite as refreshing. win chester, 2.
9:23 am
and you folks down towards stanton and harrisonburg, a better chance for thunderstorms in and around town our chances are fairly low for rain today. here's your sunday planner. warm and muggy this morning. sizzling hot again this afternoon. many spots within a degree or two of 100 degrees again this afternoon with very few chances for showers coming unlater on today. no rain around the area just yet. there are some thunder showers headed down to the hampton roads area of southeastern virginia. the next cluster back out across west virginia and eastern kentucky. the bulk of that is going to stay down to the south. if you're traveling today, lynchburg, southside, virginia, better rain chances down there. the little boundary generating all the rain chances is down to the south. at the pace they're going they'll be making it out to the coastline in 11 to 12 hours from
9:24 am
now. for us, the satellite picture shows the thunderstorms rolling down through the richmond area and now we're waiting for the cluster to go down to the south today. still have an opportunity for showers and storms in the metro area today, but the best chances are down to the south and the west. this boundary is going to hang around and just up to the north a little bit. it will enhance our rain chances for tomorrow. and then take them away briefly on tuesday. so here's your forecast then. sunny and hot today. very little chances for rain, but what few showers do bubble up could be strong. i'll be keeping an eye on them all afternoon for you tomorrow, a chance of a few sprinkles in the morning and then thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. again, these are more garden variety thunderstorms, not the super intense type of thunderstorms that we dealt with on friday night. nonethele nonetheless, the other thing they need is another slap in the face from mother nature. fourth of july, 97 degrees here.
9:25 am
with an outside chance at a shower. @chuckbell4 is the twitter address. i'll let you know if storms bubble up. we're approaching 100 degrees so if you have to pick up debris, try to do it early or after 5:00. that peak team is just brutal. >> just take a lot of shade breaks and drink extra water. the final round of the at&t national is underway and after a quiet third round, fans will once again be cheering for their favorite golfers. friday's storm did enough damage to the course that congressional country club closed the third round to fans. parts of trees were scattered across fairways and sand traps. tiger woods is set to take his classic final round push. he ended the third round run shot behind brendon de jonge. they both tee off at 1:15 this
9:26 am
afternoon. stephen strasburg is used to bringing the heat, but yesterday the heat got the best of him. the nats' righty only lasted three innings before the heat got to him. temperatures in atlanta were around 107 degrees and it was even hotter at the field level. at one point it was close to 120 degrees. >> i'm telling you, nothing to play with. it's awful. >> got to watch out. not everyone is having such an easy time with the power outages. coming up, we'll hear from nursing home residents without lights. and let you know if problems with 911 service in parts of our area have been fixed. stay with us. [ male announcer ] are you paying more
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good morning. welcome to news4 today. i'm richard jordan. >> i'm erica gonzalez. it's sunday, july 1, 2012. it is hot out there. >> that's right. it's another scorcher which is not what a lot of people want to hear especially without power. >> this is not the weather you want to go through with air conditioning. you had a great idea, go to one of the local libraries around town. you'll have computer internet access and air conditioning. hazy and steamy outside this morning. already 86 at national airport. 80 degrees in hagerstown. 85 in st. mary's county. nothing shows up on radar too close to us. those are false returns on the radar you saw. more thunderstorms now eastern kentucky. they'll be missing most of us to the south. can't rule out a few chances for thunderstorms today. not looking for widespread coverage. but it will be hot. 99 in d.c. today. >> wow. >> brutal. >> make sure you have plenty of
9:31 am
water. >> that's right. shade. >> still feels like triple di digits. crews are restoring power to customers, and dominion is bringing in 1,000 extra outside resources to help out. >> we have got crews blanketing the area. obviously we're in the first mode of restoration which is critical infrastructure. nursing homes, cooling centers. particularly hard hit the city of the alexandria, great falls, mclean. all areas will see a lot of workers out today. >> all right. listen up here, you can find out exactly if dominion crews are in your area by logging on to the website for up to the minute work locations that came out with their exact location for today. so many people want to know. so be sure to check that out. >> an assisted living facility
9:32 am
is without power, leaving r residents frustrated as their neighbors get their power switched on. melissa mollet has more on this. >> reporter: good morning. we spoke with dominion crews a little while ago. they're on their way here. perhaps they have arrived already. but we know they're bringing a tree crew first and then a line crew to restore power to this home. an assisted living home for disabled residents. now they do say that they will have power by the end of the day. that is what dominion is telling us. of course it has been a frustrating hot few days for a lot of folks around the area. like many people these dozen residents that live here have been out of power since friday's storm. they say the temperature inside the building is over 80 degrees. this is a hud facility.
9:33 am
some of them say they haven't had much to eat, because they have no vehicles. the group that runs the home, we have reached out to them numerous times, we have not heard back. it's the wesley foundation. typically there's a social worker here monday through friday. with the exception of a maintenance worker who stopped by yesterday, they have not seen or heard from anyone at the management company since power went out late friday night. >> there's no phone service here. some don't have cell phones. they have land lines. no way to call 911. i am basically the only one that was able to go and get my phone charged at a store and to be able to call you guys. >> now, again, we were able to contact dominion power. they were upset when they heard about this situation. they said they had not heard about this before. this is considered a special case. more of an emergency case when you're dealing with folks with
9:34 am
disabilities or the elderly. they say it will be back on later today. we'll keep an eye on it for you. melissa mollet, back to you. fairfax county is working to fix serious problems with the 911 call center. some calls are finally getting through. fairfax county board of supervisors chairman says her 911 call center had what she calls a total failure. despite some progress on repairs, she says problems like this are not acceptable. >> this is the first time in my memory that we have had a total failure of communications -- emergency communications in fairfax county and i have been on the board for a long time. this is absolutely not okay. and we need to make sure that we have a permanent fix. and that this does not happen again. >> county leaders are still urging people to call the dispatch number or go to a local fire or even police station this case of an emergency.
9:35 am
that dispatch number you see it on your screen, 703-691-7561. the storms have left plenty of problems for homeowners and drivers alike. in addition to thousands without power many traffic lights are out as well. news4's meghan mcgrath is live in friendship heights. how is the traffic situation out there? >> reporter: people have to use their good driver etiquette and they have done just that, by and large. people are being courteous to the fellow drivers but you can see on wisconsin avenue on south park, the lights are dark. there is no electricity. it's not just this light, but a number of lights along a long stretch of wisconsin avenue. completely dark. so what they're doing is treating it as a four-way stop. of course, it begs the question, what is rush hour going to be like on monday morning? wisconsin avenue as you know just a mess when things are going as planned. so hopefully they will restore power, but there are no promises.
9:36 am
now, take a look at some video that we shot earlier this morning. this is on foxhall road in northwest northwest washington. you can see the tree that's taken down the power lines. it's a huge job. they have to chop up those trees first before they can even start to repair the electrical lines. so we have hundreds of thousands of people who are still without power as a result of friday's storm. now, earlier this morning we heard from the president of pepco. he said it's a big job and he's asking people to be patient but said it could be a week before some people get their power back. >> it takes time. there are a lot of trees down. there are a lot of wires down. we just ask our customers to be patient. we know it's a very uncomfortable period of time. but i cans a sure you every -- i can assure you every resource we're working on bringing it here as quickly as possible. >> they're asking for patience, but that's difficult to do when you're stuck in your house with no electricity. no air conditioning and of course we're expecting extremely
9:37 am
hot temperatures again today. so not a good situation. if you know is someone who doesn't have air conditioning, it would be a nice thing to invite them over for dinner. keep an eye on your elderly neighbors and others who may have health problems and don't have electricity at this point. it will be a while before it's back up and running. back to you. >> thanks. this is the time when neighbors get to know each other for first time. when coming out trying to help each other out. >> want to cook dinner for us tonight? >> not me. thanks. >> thanks, neighbor. still ahead, more on the risk of storms this week. [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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when foster children reach the age of 21 they age out of the system and many face a frightening time in their lives. this morning, a story about a young lady who wants to be adopted or mentors she can count on. we have more on this week's wednesday's story. >> that's se seal. with a first-time at an anchor desk. she proved this could be something she does well in the future, but it was her immediate future we were focused on when she came here as a wednesday's child. she has been in and out of foster care when she was only 9 months old. she's about to age out of the system. it's a frightening time for her.
9:42 am
>> if something happens a friend out in the real world, they can come home to their parents. but i can't. i don't have that in my life. >> reporter: she has great dreams for her future, but without the safety net of parents this time can be scary. >> for me when i'm 21 if i don't succeed i will be homeless. >> reporter: her social worker suggested trying one last time to find family that might want to adopt someone a little older. >> we all need someone to look up to, someone to be there when we're upset or having good things happen in our lives. >> reporter: she enjoyed learning about the different careers in broadcasting. what she says what she really wants is to become a history teacher some day. she needs a family to support that dream. >> supportive, caring and swung that's in her life for the long haul. >> reporter: on her tour of nbc, she met a couple of former r redskin players who told her aging out of the foster care is
9:43 am
like aging out of the nfl. >> for me, i looked at my strengths as well as my weaknesses and said what can i do after i leave the nfl? >> i wanted to continue to live my dream, but most of all, i had to get that degree. >> reporter: they both said having parents or someone to look up to and guide them made a difference in their lives. >> i come from a big family. there were always people around. and even to this day we're very tight knit. >> reporter: she says that's what she wants and the size of the family doesn't matter. >> as long as i have a family that, you know, loves me and cares about me and accepts me for who i am. >> reporter: barbara harrison for wednesday's child. >> if you have room in your home and heart for her, call 188-to-adopt-me. today, the smithsonian folklife festival is back on.
9:44 am
good news for a lot of folks and for my alma mater. shameless plug, i know. the festival opens at 11:00 this rning. this year's event features thousands of panels from the aids memorial quilt. this is the first time that the quilt has been on display at the national mall since 1996. a beautiful story. >> very subtle slip in there. >> i have to. my broncs are in town. go broncs. >> what's the weather looking for? >> my good texans and floridians, you like it hot and steamy. you're perfectly happy. >> we're not happy. we're used to it. >> is there relief?
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good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. good morning. >> go ahead. >> i just -- good morning. that's all. >> i was going to mention that
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clean-up is still continuing and we're looking for relief from the heat. >> the word that's going to make people feel cooler is september. we have to make it to september. i say that jokingly. it's the first day of july, it will be another ugly, hot day outside today. if you haven't stuck your nose out the door just yet, don't. unless you have no air conditioning in which case open the windows and find a shady spot and get in it. it will be dangerously hot again today. temperatures up close to 100 degrees. already 86 at 9:00 in the morning here in washington. the summer humidity is around here. the wind won't be as much of a help today as yesterday. yesterday out of the west at 10 to 20. today barely out of the west at 5 to 10 miles an hour. nowhere near as much natural air conditioning today. 84 at the naval academy,
9:49 am
leesburg, getting toward new market maryland, temperatures near the 80s today. high temperature, 99 here in washington. heat index values between 100 and 105 degrees. whether or not there's an excessive heat advisory does not make a difference. because temperatures are up near 100 degrees. and this next little cluster is starting to fall apart. it looks like it's going across south central virginia, but there are little boundaries that come out of the things so more thunderstorm chances today the further south and west you go from the washington and met row area. we'll have to keep an eye on that potentially as we get into tomorrow. so we'll be watching all this very, very carefully over the next couple of hours. severe thunderstorm watch across far southwestern virginia for that cluster of thunderstorms. just hazy sunshine around town for now.
9:50 am
we'll pick some mid and high level cloudiness up. that'll dim out the sunshine a touch. it won't make much of a difference. there's that weather front, just sort of waving around to the south today. it will start to lift back north during the day tomorrow. that'll introduce a little better chance for thunderstorms on monday. but no relief in sight for the heat. unfortunately for the next couple of days. today, sunny and miserably hot. very limited chances for thunderstorms today, but if a thunderstorm gets going today take it seriously. so much heat out there we could see severe weather. good weather to go on down to the beach. it's fourth of july week, everybody. it will be a great week at the coastline. perfect beach going weather. it will be around 90 at the beaches. 97 here on the fourth of july with a chance for some thunderstorms around. doesn't look like we'll have big
9:51 am
severe weather today, but just keep a weather eye to the sky. >> that weather temperature finally warmed up. >> 75. got to love it. >> we'll be right back. [ crows cawing ] [ male announcer ] strange things happen in the black forest. [ metallic bell toll ] [ car speeding down the road, lightning strikes ] where things aren't always what they seem. [ wolves howling ] because thrills hide in the shadows just waiting at every turn. [ coaster whoosh ] brave the black forest on verbolten. the all-new multi-launch coaster. only at busch gardens.
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nbc is your place for politics every sunday. >> that's right. up next is "the chris matthews show" followed by "meet the press" with david gregory. >> good morning, washington. coming up at 10:00, barack obama was having a bad month of june. until thursday morning supreme court health care ruling. why did john roberts join the four liberals and save the president from political disaster? was roberts worried that his court was losing public trust or was he worried about contributing to the deep political divisions in the country? and what's mitt romney's smartest choice now? double down on repealing health care or change the subject? plus, this court has four members in their mid to late 70s. mitt romney's calling on republicans to make sure barack obama doesn't get a chance to nominate justices in a second term. but if romney wins, what would he do to make the conservative court more conservative?
9:55 am
plus, our panel picks the gutsiest american politicians of this year. join me and pete williams, for a great roundtable. now for a look at what's coming up on "meet the press" here's david gregory. >> good morning. coming up, a special hour on america's health care debate. after thursday's landmark supreme court decision, what is next? is the republican threat of repealing this law realistic? i'll ask the top democrat in the house, leader nancy pelosi. then the big question, what does the law mean for you, how does this play out on the campaign trail? will it energize voters? joining me for a debate, former chair of the democratic party, howard dean. and then the republican governor of louisiana, bobby jindal. plus our political round table. that's all this morning on "meet the press." be sure to stay tuned after the program for my special press pass conversation with mark shriver, author of "a good man"
9:56 am
a book about his father sargent shriver. >> thank you so much, david. thousands are still without power and it could be like that for days. but some are look agent the bright side -- looking at the bright side of the outages. one family is enjoying the time without the power. they say it's a bit of an adventure playing monopoly in the dark. >> we don't have the internet. we don't have any television or anything. no lights. >> so it's monopoly? >> a little bit of an adventurery. it's like camping. >> like camping. >> dominion will have a better assessment of when power should be restored later this afternoon. should be. >> all the power companies they'll be updating that information later on today. so hopefully we'll have a better idea of how long it will take. the worst case is a week. so people are asked to be patient with them. but you know it's a lot of hard work getting out there. >> a lot of concerns for the
9:57 am
monday rush hour time frame because so many traffic signals are down. but the good news is it's fourth of july week and a lot of people are going to be off for the whole week. that ought to ease things up a bit. but when you come to a red light not working, stop. and look. >> right. >> patience is key. be nice to the drivers out there. we can't stress that enough. >> we're expecting another hot day. be safe. thanks so much for being with us this weekend on news4 today. you can get the latest on the storm damage by visiting our website. >> thank for j
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